A fantastic selection of Japanese gifts for you 

     Iida's in Honolulu, Hawaii is your store to come to for Japanese figurines and dolls, unique Japanese specialty items such as calendars and Shoji paper and traditional Japanese home furnishings. 
     Our store has a long history of providing good customers service and quality products. Come by for a visit today!
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Girl's Day Products

Boy's Day Products 

Specialty items

     Are you looking for that special gift for a person that has everything? Come to our shop where we can show you something your special person probably doesn't have in their collection. We are stocked with paper kites, Samurai paper wallets, Tenyo Japanese jigsaw puzzles, Karuta Card Games, Sake Sets and many more.

     Come browse our endless supply of Japanese specialty items.
Fantastic Selection of Japanese gift Eto Sheep Hamaya in Honolulu, HI

Obon Festival Accessories

Products for the New Year

Figurines and dolls

     At Iida's you can expect to find the best figurines and dolls made in Japan. We have Maneki Neko, Roly Poly dolls, large  Sarubobo, Zenshu Buddhist figurines, 2015 Year of the Sheep figurines and much more.

     Did you know, from ancient days, many stories have been told about the Lucky Cat, otherwise known as Maneki Neko or the "beckoning cat." It is often believed to bring good luck, fortune and prosperity to the business owner. They are usually placed at the entrances of houses, businesses and in store windows.

     Each Purchase Can Be Wrapped with a special Japanese Noshigami Paper To Be Given As a Gift for FREE!!

Furniture and home accessories

Decorate your Japanese style home or office with some of our traditional Japanese furniture or home accessories.

Bonsai pots/supplies
Buddhist accessories
Bronze Tsuru or cranes
Chopsticks/chopstick rests
Quilt Futons, Locally Handmade
Wooden pillows
Woven Wisteria vine pillow
    Take A Look At Our Product Lines
    We Also Carry...
  • Backscratchers
  • Coin Purses
  • Fans
  • Furoshiki
  • Games, Toys and Puzzles from Japan
  • Go Games Plate Stands
  • Good Luck Charms
  • Hanafuda Cards
  • Ikebana Supplies
  • Karuta Card Games
  • Kitchenware
  • Mizuhiki
  • Paper Wallets
  • Pon-Pon Back Pounder 
  • Sake Sets
  • Squeaky Sandals for Kids
  • Tabi, White & Black
  • Takabune, Seven Gods
  • Tanuki
  • Tea Ceremony Supplies
  • Yukata
  • Zori
And much more! Call or visit our store to find more selection!
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