Maneki Neko / Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko
Assorted Sizes, Colors, Left or Right Paw
Made in Japan
From ancient days, many stories have been told about the Lucky Cat, otherwise known as Maneki Neko or the "beckoning cat." It is often believed to bring good luck, fortune and prosperity to the business owner. They are usually placed at the entrances of houses, businesses and in store windows.

The white Maneki Neko is valued as the one that invites happiness. The black one protects from illness. The gold Maneki Neko is one that brings riches. A Maneki Neko raising its left hand is one that welcomes customers to a business. The right hand raised invites prosperity.  

The history of the Maneki Neko dates back during the Edo period in Japan (17th century to mid-19th century). One legend tells of a wealthy man who stood under a tree next to a temple during a thundering rainstorm. A cat was beckoning to him, so the man followed the cat inside the temple. Suddenly, lightning struck the tree. The man was grateful the cat had saved his life The cat became a benefactor of the temple and brought it much prosperity. When the cat passed away, a statue was made in its honor. 

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